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"Achieving a meaningful career requires self-awareness, exploration, and resilience."


Drawing on expertise from hiring and leading hundreds of employees across different industries, we offer practical trainings to prepare teenagers and young adults to succeed in tomorrow's fast-changing economy. 
Trainings available include:
For high school students -
  • Career prep and exploration series 
    • Core skills for resume writing and interviewing
    • MBTI assessment on potential career compatibilities
    • Interactive seminars with professionals from key industries
  • Presentation skills workshops
  • 1-on-1 leadership and university prep coaching
For university students and young professionals -
  • Resume review and editing
  • Mock interviewing
  • Networking skills training
  • Presentation skills workshops
  • 1-on-1 career coaching
  • Graduate business school (MBA program) applications coaching
Contact us for details and to schedule a free consultation.
All coaching services are conducted in-person at our centre in Markham (see Reach Us) or via video conferencing.
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