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"Elite US universities confer more than prestigious degrees; they open doors to academic, career, and networking opportunities that may otherwise be elusive."


We offer in-depth expertise on how to navigate the application process for Ivy League and other reputable US universities. 
Services include:
  • Individualized coaching for the student
  • High school course selection
  • Academic and career goals identification
  • Exploration of financial aid opportunities
  • Assessing which US universities are best fits
  • Advice on curating extracurricular activities
  • Personalized strategies and editing for application essays
  • Admissions interview preparation and simulation
  • Beginning-to-end 1 on 1 application consulting packages
Contact us for details and to schedule a free consultation.
​Our target schools include Harvard, Stanford, University of Pennsylvania, MIT, Princeton, Yale, University of Chicago, Columbia, New York University, Cornell, Brown, University of Rochester, Boston University, the University of California system, elite liberal arts colleges, and other universities of excellence.
We also provide guidance on Canadian university selection and global graduate business school (MBA) applications.
All coaching services are conducted in-person at our centre in Markham (see Reach Us) or via video conferencing.
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