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Future Reach Education was established to help young people dream big and achieve to their full potential.
My name is Imbert Fung, and I'm the founder of Future Reach Education.  Growing up in public schools in Scarborough, Ontario, with little access to university guidance, I didn't have a clear view of my future goals.  A sense of curiosity (with a dose of hard work) however led me to the Ivy League in the US, where I graduated from the University of Pennsylvania ("UPenn") with Bachelor and Master degrees in engineering and economics.  I later earned an MBA at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology ("MIT"). 
An eclectic set of management, mentorship, teaching, and volunteer experiences have made me into the dedicated education coach that I am today.
In my professional career, I've had an opportunity to lead business teams large and small - in Hong Kong, Singapore, New York, and Toronto - for some of the world's most reputable companies, such as Apple, Expedia, and McKinsey.  I've also served as the executive director of the education non-profit AFS Intercultural Exchanges, guiding families and collaborating with schools to enable hundreds of teenagers to study abroad.   
In my spare time, I've had the pleasure of being invited as a regular guest lecturer at the Nanyang Technological University in Singapore, where I mentored students in career planning.  And for my alma mater, UPenn, I've conducted numerous admissions interviews, evaluating high school applicants from across Canada. 
As an education coach, I love what I do and take pride in providing individualized guidance for my students, helping them prepare for and apply to US and Canadian universities that best fit their aspirations.  Moreover, as a past beneficiary of school scholarships, I can appreciate the complexity of budgeting for university, and so I also ensure that families make informed decisions by guiding them through the US university financial aid system as well as the relative advantages (and disadvantages) of pursuing a degree in the US versus in Canada.
I reside in North York, Ontario, with my lovely wife Scarlett, our playful sons Joshua and Marcellus, and a humongous collection of board games.   

Hello, I'm Imbert.
Nice to meet you.

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