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From Class of 2023 Clients

"I learned from Imbert the true benefits a top US university can bring me, which was what really motivated me to work hard in applying for university. In addition, his support helped me develop better writing skills as well as creative thinking skills. I also think what's great about university counselling with Imbert is that he guided me to come up with my own ideas, which allowed me to write application essays that fully contained what I wanted to express and that were unique."
J. - Engineering student from East York

"From the first phone call, through to our son's acceptance decision, Imbert was honest about what he could/could not do to help and where his expertise would be most beneficial for our son.  Imbert was proactive, punctual, responsive and very knowledgeable about the US education system, how to apply for scholarships and what to focus on when applying.  Without Imbert, we would not have known how to navigate through this very complex process - he is an invaluable resource to anyone considering applying to school in the US.  We highly recommend Imbert Fung as a necessary partner when applying to a US institution.  Thank you for your insight and guidance Imbert!"
D. - Parent of Psychology student from Mississauga

"From my own experience with Imbert’s counselling, I can confidently say his shared experiences and perspectives greatly impacted my understanding of what to look for when choosing the right university and which universities provide me with the resources I need to achieve my academic goals."

J. - Natural Science student from Edmonton

"Through his coaching, Imbert has not only served as an invaluable resource but also as a trusted mentor to [my son]. He is a highly skilled communicator who is able to make effective connections with [my son], listen attentively, and ask thought-provoking questions. His keen ability to uncover [my son's] strengths, passions, and areas for growth allowed us to work together in developing a personalized strategy... We are thrilled that [my son] has been accepted by three out of the four universities of his choice, and we are grateful for Imbert’s exceptional support and professionalism."
W. - Parent of Natural Science student from Edmonton 

"Through a one-on-one interview, Imbert was able to identify and recommend the schools that best suited our son’s interests and skills.  Through a mock interview,  our son learned techniques that allowed him to perform well and with confidence during the interview process.  With Imbert’s advice we were also able to appeal the amount of financial aid offered by the school before accepting the offer of our choice."
J. - Parent of Business student from Richmond Hill

From Class of 2022 Clients

"I went to Imbert with only two to three months until the deadline of the applications for the schools that I wanted to apply to in the US.  I remember him telling me it would take a lot of hard work but he will be there every step of the way to guide me.  Imbert helped me find the best schools that are in line with my passion, goals, and budget.  During our sessions, not only did he teach me how to write my ideas on paper in an organized fashion but he also helped me think outside the box and expand what I had in mind for my essays.  Imbert gave numerous tips on how to strive and become successful during my post secondary education.  Now I am moving to the States all thanks to Imbert because without his guidance I don't think I would be in the position that I am today." 
R. - Pre-Medical student from Richmond Hill

"The service we received from Imbert was exceptional.  He helped us make some hard decisions always with my daughter’s best interest in mind.  Imbert’s coaching and expert guidance were extraordinarily impactful on my daughter.  He is truly incredible!  My daughter is thrilled with the outcome.  Any student and family who has the chance to work with Imbert is truly fortunate.  He is beyond professional and made such a stressful time so much fun."     

M. - Parent of Pre-Medical student from Vancouver

From Past Students

"Imbert is a thoughtful and patient coach who guided me at each step to highlight the best and unique traits of my background when building my profile for US college applications.  With Imbert’s deep understanding of how to navigate the US college landscape and passion for helping his students, I felt very reassured and confident during the process.  I believe my eventual acceptance into Cornell would not have been possible without his help!"
Sam - Engineering degrees; now a Data Scientist

"Imbert made university applications much less stressful.  He helped on my admission essays by enabling me to frame my best qualities to fit the faculty’s requirement.  He had a way of helping me bring out ideas on paper without leading me there, and he made sure I still took ownership of the process.  He also helped to set aggressive but realistic goals for university admissions.  Imbert also offered great tips on interviews by having numerous rehearsals with me.  He gave tips on gestures, style of presentation, and critical thinking, all of which I am still using in my job interviews after university.  Most of all, it was important to have someone share insights on future career paths, which helped me and my parents be more certain about how to pick a university program."
Regina - Pre-Law degree; now a Legal Compliance Officer 

"Before working with Imbert, I was struggling with identifying what university programs were right for me. At that time, my academic results in secondary school were not outstanding, and I was worried that I would not be able to secure a spot at a reputable university. Imbert coached me to identify and understand my strengths and interests, which are in mathematics and logical thinking. After he helped me become aware of my goals, I also became confident that pursuing an engineering degree was the best fit for me. I've now graduated from a top engineering university and am excited to pursue a career in financial technology."
Eugene - Engineering degree; now a Software Engineer 


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